For Yorkshire Folk



The YPU Mentoring Scheme is aimed at those members  who want to attain Awards for Photographic Merit from the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) CPAGB, DPAGB & MPAGB and similar distinctions from the Royal Photographic Society LRPS, & ARPS. At present we cannot offer help for FRPS.

What Mentoring is about.

Candidates or mentees will work closely with their mentor on a one to one basis and in some cases in small groups to a standard where they can apply for and achieve their chosen distinction.  You should have already booked your adjudication day or be very close to doing so at the time of requesting a mentor.

To be allocated a mentor you will initially send me 10-20 images depending on your chosen distinction, which will be distributed to at least 3 mentors to assess your standard.

If it is agreed that your images meet the general standard of your chosen distinction you will be offered a mentor to work with.
If it is agreed that your images do NOT meet the general standard of your chosen distinction you will advised of such but will not be offered a mentor at that time.  You can apply for another assessment however at a later date. 
Initially Mentees will send digital images of their BEST images to their mentor who will discuss with the mentee a plan of action.  Together you will decide how to improve or simply present your work to the required standard.  As work can be either digital or print you will also receive guidance as to the best way to present your finished images.

Please note that mentors WILL NOT choose your submission but give advice on how to achieve a given standard to your best images. 
All mentors are experienced photographers and some are judges and have themselves gained several distinctions themselves – however, this cannot guarantee a pass even if you take all the advice and help offered, but it will improve your chances.
At present we have 9 mentors giving their time and expertise for free but we need more! 

If you feel you can mentor others in any of the Awards for Photographic Merit, please email Andrea Hargreaves to be added to my list.