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PAGB Distinctions

The PAGB awards three distinctions for Photographic Merit. These are the CPAGB (Credit level), the DPAGB (Distinction level) and MPAGB (Master level).

To qualify to take part you have to be a current and active member of a PAGB affiliated Photographic club within the YPU. For the CPAGB you must have been a member for at least 2 years. For DPAGB, at least 3 years and for MPAGB, at least 5 years. You do not have to start with the CPAGB and can apply for the DPAGB if you feel you are up to that standard.

To apply for any of these awards you must complete a YPU form signed by a committee member from your club saying how long you have been a member. Additionally, and you must complete the entrant  form which is sent to Leo Rich, the organiser of adjudications. He will send you a pack with full details. Please    contact the PAGB Awards Officer for the YPU  Stephanie Cook either on 01977 682857 or by e mail at and she will send you the necessary forms to complete.

These Award adjudications are very popular and it may not be possible to have your work assessed at  the next adjudication but it is anticipated that your work will be judged at an adjudication in the year that you have applied. All details regarding the Awards are on the PAGB website and entrants are urged to read the details thoroughly.  Once you have paid your fee for the adjudication there will be no further fees to pay and you will get the award for life.

If you are unsure of the standard of your work then please suggest to your Club’s committee that thy  loan  the PAGB Awards CD which shows recent successful  images of the required standards. This CD can be hired from the Recorded Lecture Service (contact Stephanie Cook details as above)   and costs £15 (please see the PAGB website for details of how to book).  Additionally, Federations put on workshops that you may attend where Rod Wheelans and other well-known PAGB adjudicators will assess your work and give constructive feedback. The YPU held one last year which was well attended and found to be helpful to candidates. 


CPAGB Entry Requirements

10 Prints/Projected Images or an A.V. of 1 or more sequences, 1—15 minutes total running time

Entry Fee £60.00

The Standard required is ‘Good Club Photography’.


DPAGB Entry Requirement

15 Prints/Projected digital images or an A.V of 2 or more sequences, 15-20 minutes total running time.

Entry fee £75.00

The standard required is ‘Open Exhibition Photography’


MPAGB Entry Requirements

20 Prints/Projected digital images or an A.V of 3 or more sequences, 25-30 mins total running time.

Entry fee £95

The standard required is ‘The Highest Standard of Amateur Photography’