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3D Liquid Facelift

Lose 5-10 years in only days!

The ultimate aesthetic facial contouring procedure has been developed for Norway’s 'rich and famous' and is now available in the UK. Introducing the 3D Liquid Facelift, a 2-3 day procedure that will make you look 5-10 years younger.

The 3D Liquid Facelift involves the use of injectable wrinkle reduction treatments and dermal fillers to re-shape the face and replenish the skin. The treatment uses soft hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, skin-boosters, anti-wrinkle injectables and photodynamic light therapy. The procedure can be completed over a 2-3 day period and the results are astounding. The treatment raises the forehead, eyebrows, neck and chin, giving a youthful balanced texture and skin moisture, providing prolonged elasticity and firmness.


The 3D Liquid Facelift procedure uses both needles and cannulas. Blunt-tip cannulas have a varied flexibility providing the practitioner with accuracy in dermal filler placement. This results in significantly less bruising as well as a less painful procedure in comparison to traditional hypodermic needles.

The 3D Liquid Facelift is more subtle than surgery and an increasing number of individuals in the Scandinavian region are trying the procedure as opposed to traditional facelift procedures. Traditional surgical techniques lift the face by pulling the skin outwards and upwards. With the 3D Liquid Facelift, the skin is lifted by strategic placement of volume using dermal fillers. Hyaluronic Acid has high elasticity and viscosity which holds the tissue in a lifted position. Additionally, Hyaluronic acid forms new collagen and firmness over time, maintaining the lift and providing lasting results. The use of cannulas for dermal filler placement decreases trauma to the tissues providing a safer treatment with less bruising than regular the dermal filler injection techniques. It is almost pain free.

Injectable treatments have been approved for cosmetic use by the FDA and are safe and effective. Wrinkle reduction via injectables has become the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure with over 20 years of use in aesthetic practices and over 30 years in ophthalmology and neurology. Its safety record is long and impressive with several publications endorsing its use.

The 3D Liquid Facelift procedure is performed by experienced and trained medical practitioners with an intimate knowledge and understanding of the aesthetic implications of proper placement in addition to the muscular anatomy of the face.

All skin types can be treated.

Age Couture


The 3D Liquid Facelift includes specialised aftercare products from the MÖ® Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals Collection. Via our 'Age Couture' concept, a dual system of targeted protocols within the collection has been designed specifically to compliment post-procedure requirments. More info

Skin Boosters and Dermal Fillers

The skin booster and dermal filler range of products that have been chosed for the 3D Liquid Facelift are Hyabell® - a fourth generation hyaluronic acid dermal filler with lidocaine, made in Germany and cross-linked using BDDE methods. More info

Procedure Benefits

  1. Frown lines
    Relaxes lines caused by frowning

  2. Glabellar lines
    Smoothes vertical lines

  3. Eyebrow lift
    Relaxes the muscles that pull the brow line down

  4. Crow's feet
    Reduces lines from the outer corner of the eye

  5. Bunny lines
    Smoothes horizontal lines on the nose

  6. Skin re-condition
    Provides a youthful balanced texture and skin moisture, providing prolonged elasticity and firmness

  7. Lip top lines
    Smoothes lines on the upper lip

  8. Marionette lines
    Achieves a smoother smile by reducing vertical lines

  9. Apple chin
    Removes the appreance of uneveness

  10. Neck lines
    Removes 'banding' in the neck

  11. Hands
    Removes lines and provides general re-conditioning

  12. Décolletage
    Skin rejuvenation and removal of wrinkes

  13. Hyperhidrosis
    Reduces under-arm perspiration

Cost and Services

The cost of the 3D Liquid Facelift is £3,500 - £7,500, depending on the individual skin requirements.

Add-on services include:

  • Luxury accommodation
  • Helicopter transfers
  • Private chauffeur
  • Personal assistant

A full quote is available upon request.