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The MÖ Aesthetic Clinic

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

The MÖ® Aesthetic Clinic uses its own designed MÖ® System of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).

This Scandinavian system uses state-of-the-art fiber optics to emit monochromatic visible light wavelengths to provide intense visible light on the skin without any infrared component or heat. The light is "cold" since all thermal radiation is filtered out.



The MÖ® System works from the inside out, stimulating a natural cellular regeneration and repair process and resulting in treatments that are quick, effective, long-lasting and totally painless.

The MÖ® System was designed by the company President and founder Marianne Olavesen and earned a nomination for the "Cosmopolitan Women of Achievement Awards". The system is used to treat facial scarring, acne, cellulite and fine lines.  

How does it work?

The degradation of collagen and elastin within the skin will cause aging and a loss of a youthful appearance sooner than expected. This normal physiological response is accelerated by various everyday detrimental effects such as sun exposure, free radicals, pollution, gravity, harsh soaps, cigarette smoke and a poor diet. Part of the MÖ® System uses wavelengths of visible red light from the 630 to 660 nanometer band which passes through the dermal layers increasing the energy levels inside cells, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. In doing so this unique therapy delivers multiple benefits for the skin beyond mere healing and regeneration. This includes helping to reduce wrinkles, eliminate fine lines, shrink pores, diminish scars, alleviate pain and accelerate healing.

The process is effective because the light is easily absorbed by the high blood and water content within each layer of the skin. Apart from that, using PDT has been recognized as one of the safest, quickest and most affordable ways to experience dramatic anti-aging changes within the skin. The MÖ® System is extremely beneficial in the fight against aging and it does not harm the skin as lasers can. In addition, you need not be concerned about adverse reactions as PDT is non-invasive and completely safe for all skin types. The wavelengths used withing the MÖ® System penetrate and promote healthy skin and cell tissue without causing any damage. Using light as part of a skincare treatment system can cause growth in some cells from between 150-200% faster when exposed to PDT. This unprecedented rate of dermal regeneration accelerates the healing process, repairs damage and enables the client to regain a more youthful skin appearance.


Photodynamic Therapy is part of the following programs:

  • Golden Age
  • Age Couture
  • Pure Solution
  • Acne Combat
  • Detox



"Without light, there is no life.
MÖ System treatments include the life-giving qualities of light"

Marianne Olavesen
designer of the MÖ System