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Age Couture

Via the 'Age Couture' concept, a dual system of targeted protocols within the collection has been designed specifically to compliment the aesthetic clinic programs.  



The collection includes Essential Protocols: from daily cleansing to professional strength peels, the cosmeceuticals products contain some of the most active ingredients on the market today, offering high-technology performance along with proven botanicals to deliver skin-refining results backed by scientific research.

In addition, the Rescue Protocols comprise of problem-solving cosmeceuticals via an intensive, medical grade collection that delivers multi-layer fortification to the skin. These highly concentrated formulations support treatments performed in medical esthetic practices.



To enhance our in-clinic aesthetic and cosmetic procedures which offer immediate visual refinements, clients are now also able to maximize the corrective treatment performance by adopting an effective daily care program at home. Through expert skin analysis and easy-to-follow homecare programs most clients experience dramatic enhancement in texture and vibrancy.

The MÖ® Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals collection is paraben-free, natural and organic, and vegan certified with no animal ingredients. The manufacturing process employs a cruelty free eco responsible policy using a significant amount of organic and fair trade ingredients; together with steam distillation of botanical extracts offering results in clean, green formulas.



The collection includes Stem Cell Corrector - the first skincare product in the UK to use the incredible longevity inherent in the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple to transfer preservation and longevity unto the skin. The fascinating thing about stem cells is their natural regeneration ability, which makes them the natural architects of reparation. Found in all multi-cellular organisms, they can self-replicate and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types in order to propagate the growth of an existing cell. 

The collection is suitable for both women and men.

The concept, effectiveness and style of the collection will enhance a long-lasting and emotional connection between you and your skincare routine.

Essential Protocols

Golden Age

45+ Mature and Sun-Damaged Skin

The Golden Age essential protocol is a selection of MÖ® Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals to help repair 45+ mature and sun-damaged skin. The products help to give back firmness; replenish skin surfacing; and to reduce fine lines.

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Age Couture

+30 First Lines or Sensitive Skin

The Age Couture essential protocol product selection is designed for 30+ first lines; sensitive skin; and / or hyperpigmentation - areas of uneven skin tone, which are caused by sun exposure, aging, heredity and hormonal fluctuations.  

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Pure Solution

Oily and Combination Skin

The Pure Solution essential protocol selection helps to purify and balance oily and combination skin; helping to maintain a healthy look in the skin; stimulate circulation, remove minor impurities, maintain and correct fluctuations; and most importantly to protect a delicate balance. 

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Acne Combat

Oily Skin and Overactive Sebaceous Glands

The program helps to reduce the excessive production of sebum; and to reduce larger pores which may have become clogged with oil and dirt. This is achieved by using fiber optic PDT treatment and our own unique MÖ® Scandinavian Cosmeceuticals collection.

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