The MÖ Aesthetic Clinic

Age Couture Programs

® Age Couture programs utilise a combination of treatments including Scandinavian Photodymanic Therapy (PDT) treatment with advanced fiber optic technology. Benefits include a youthful appearance, reduction of sun-damage and normalization of oily / acne skin. The programs carefully, naturally and discreetly enhance a younger natural look.

The skin loses volume over time and the programs carefully, naturally and discreetly add this back to enhance a younger natural look, improving the health of the skin by boosting circulation and cell turnover.

We use advanced lifestyle profiling; skin analyzing; energy measurements; dermal cleansing; fiber-optic photodynamic therapy (PDT); hair / pigment removal; stem-cell technology; and non-invasive skin-boosters, together with cosmeceuticals products containing stem-cells, peptides, minerals and vitamins/antioxidants.


  • Golden Age
    +45 Mature and Sun-Damaged Skin
  • Age Couture
    +30 First Lines or Sensitive Skin 
  • Pure Solution
    Oily and Combination Skin
  • Acne Combat
    Various Forms of Acne


Golden Age
Age Couture
Pure Solution
Acne Combat

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